If you have any questions about Stranded Sails or need help, this is the right place. Please check out the FAQ below. We have covered most of the topics here. 

If you can't find the right help in the FAQ, please contact us. Please make a difference if you own the game for PC or consoles as they are different contacts.

Is there a fast travel system included?

Yes, you will have the possibility to fast travel with teleporter stones that you will unlock during your exploration. And you can always return to your camp for free with your map. 


How do I decorate?

To decorate you don't have to go to the crafting station. Just go into your ship mates house and start the decoration mode. You can just place furniture when you have all pieces to “build” them


How do the blink runes work?

While increasing your relationships with your crew members, you will reach relationship-level confident with Captain Charles. After reaching this you can travel shorter distances while looking through your telescope on a blink rune. Below you will find a tutorial video.


Are there any benefits/perks that will help me?

You will unlock useful perks while increasing the relationships with your crew members. 

Explore also the recipes to find the special ones that will give you buffs. (Video)

Does this game have combat?

Outside the survival camp, adventurous explorations and quests await you as well as strange threats. Combat is a part of the game, it will be simple and fun. Are you ready to awaken the adventurer inside?

How close is the game to Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley?

The game sets sail for a new gaming experience fusing adventure and farming. Thus farming is only a partial aspect of the game. By combining adventure and farming elements we create a world in which your achievements in a certain area will unlock new possibilities in another one.

Will the game have potential romance/marriage options?

 Since the Foundation Update, you are able to improve your relationship with the crew members! You can improve your relationship with the crew members by helping them to settle on the Cursed Islands and decorate their houses with decoration and furniture of their favorite styles! However, there is no romance or marriage between the characters.

How far can you go in doing stuff like farming?

Farming is important on the remote islands to ensure the survival and satisfaction of the crew in the camp. There are different plants to cultivate and by exploring you will discover new seeds. However, the game does not focus solely on farming as we’ll send you on various adventurous explorations and quests! But is still important to get all ingredients for the food you need to cook.

Is there going to be a stamina or schedule system that limits what you can do in a day?

Yes! There is a day and night rhythm with action and recovery phases. These phases must not be observed but it is encouraged by mechanics that it is done because it allows a more efficient energy balance. In addition, cooking plays a major role as your energy status will increase or decrease at different rates depending on your diet.

Are there ways to make farming more efficient?

Yes, there will be ways to make farming (e.g. watering) more efficient in the course of the game.

Is there going to be a coop mode?

The game is released without coop mode because we want to create the most enjoyable single-player experience.

What platforms will Stranded Sails be available on?

Stranded Sails will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC as well as Apple Arcade!

Can I play a demo of Stranded Sails?

Yes, you can! We've made a demo for Stranded Sails which is a stand-alone prologue that introduces you to the key features of Stranded Sails within a short quest line that is set before the events of the full game.

Get the free demo here: https://stranded-sails.rokapublish.de/free-prologue

Is Stranded Sails mainly a farming sim, an adventure, or both?

Stranded Sails is a mix between adventure game and farming sim. But at its core, it focuses more on the adventure part. Farming is there to prepare yourself for the next expedition. It's a crucial part, but exploring the Cursed Islands is the most important to progress the story! We have even a chart to visualize it!

I played Stranded Sails on [System X] and found a bug, where do I report this?

Please report feedback and bugs through our bug-tracking form here:


What will you charge for the new content you're working on?

Nothing! The content updates we release will be free of charge!